About The Brand

Working Nine To Wine

This high-quality brand had revenues of over $20 million annually supported by their laser focus on quality wine that comes with a quality guarantee. Despite being a very successful boutique wine retailer, United Cellars were struggling against the development in the market since their inception.

To rise above these challenges they invested in a year-long e-commerce website build. Then to sustain sales in the meantime they hired Social Media Nexus to generate leads that could be converted by their phone based sales agents.  Wanting to refresh their core customers we focused on a qualified and engaged audience under 50 years of age.

Our Solution

Value For Value

Taking their current client list as a base and mapping outwards we identified five distinct demographics and targeted them using five different lead magnets.

We offered mouth-watering content guides that provided information on the differences between Champagne and sparkling  wine, how to find the best bottle of Rosé and how to match cheese and wine. In exchange, we got the users phone number, name and email address.

What We Did

A Grape Result

Our exacting strategy paid off and within a month we generated 3,000 leads at the average cost per lead of $3. Bearing in mind the ticket value of their product range, this translated into over $60,000 worth of extra sales! Over the course of their campaign they continued to increase revenue whilst the site was built and their e-commerce site could finally reach their newly defined market audience.

No More Pour Digital Decisions.

United Cellars remain one of the leading wine retailers in Australia, they are certainly the best boutique wine retailer in the country. 

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