Start up loans UK

“Social Media Nexus are a dream to work with!.”Fay Easton, Founder of Young Britain

Start Up Loans UK

Start Up Loans UK is a government funded organisation that funds business start-ups in the UK. Start up loans also offer events and free mentoring from business professionals and experienced individuals who can help keep businesses on the road to success. Start up Loans UK is split into regional separate companies such as ‘Pop-up Britain’ and ‘Young Britain’ that cover different catchment areas. Start Up Loans UK came to Social Media Nexus in need of a comprehensive social media strategy across all of their franchises, wanting to increase online applications and traffic.

• Increase traffic to loan application page
• Ramp up advertising spend and hit an aggressive conversion target
• Target young people from specific regions
• Collect e-mail addresses
• Feedback consumer insights

• Instagram
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Facebook Advertising

Social Media Nexus launched a full-scale social media overhaul of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Creative, on-brand content and messaging were key in telling the story of the brand and building a loyal and engaged audience. We ran targeted Facebook ad campaigns based on a large budget to grow a relevant fan following and drive high converting individuals to the loan application page. We used a similar strategy on Instagram. Building a community was the final piece of the strategy, furthering engagement, piquing consumer interest in the brand and building customer loyalty, while also allowing us to collect e-mail addresses for their marketing efforts.

OUR SUCCESSES over a two month period
1,349% increase in Facebook audience
523% increase in Instagram audience
500.47% increase in website traffic from Instagram
50% increase in conversions from Instagram
Over 1,500 combined applications through social media