Maniere de voir

“They take a well thought out and deliberate approach to social media and what really differentiates them from other agencies is that they understand how to not only optimise a presence on each platform but they also ‘get’ branding. “Lewis Morgan, Co-Founder

Maniere De Voir

THE CHALLENGE is the premier fashion destination for young streetwear, swimwear and now gymwear with unparalleled expertise in style and fit. Their latest fashions are specifically fit to flatter muscular body types to make the wearer feel fantastic.  brought on our team to help increase brand awareness and create engaging campaigns for their customers. The brand hoped to use social media as a way to inspire customers to make purchases, and participate in the “maniere” lifestyle online – all while positioning themselves as the top online retailer for street clothing in the UK. They also relied heavily on social media to help alert fans of their company changes and rebranding.

• Increase brand awareness & online word of mouth via social channels
• Inspire customers, both current and potential, to make purchases
• Position themselves as the top online retailer for plus size clothing
• Leverage social fans into web traffic and paying customers

• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Facebook Advertising

To foster a strong community on the Facebook page, the SMNexus team worked closely with the internal marketing team at to curate engaging content to promote their brand messaging, inspire sales, and engage fans. Campaigns and giveaways were integral to the overall strategy. They helped grow the fans on the Facebook page, acquire email addresses for marketing purposes, and engage with fans in a way that was exciting and unique.

SMNexus also utilized Facebook advertising to grow the fan base, ensure content was being served to the right demographic, and refer potential customers to the website. By targeting specific interest groups with the ads, our team was able to ensure all those who were being targeted with the ad had an interest in street/fitness clothing and lived in a region where they could be shipped the products

• Facebook audience grew by 61,186 fans in a 6 month period
10.33K Entries and 1,436 unique email addresses collected during holiday campaign
• Like Ad Average Cost is 85% less than the industry average
• Website Ad Average Cost is 91% less than the industry average