Our number one priority is your return on investment.

At Social Media Nexus we not only pride ourselves on our expertise in online advertising and community building, but also our transparency and honesty at every level of service. You can be certain that your investment will translate into social media marketing campaigns that are engaging, measurable and profitable.

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Consultation & Strategy

We benchmark your online activity against your competitors to determine the best strategy for your success.


Our paid advertising campaigns will foster your business’ growth.

Community Insight

We provide detailed reports on your customer’s wants and demands to lead you to the forefront of your field.

Content Creation

The brilliant minds of our creatives will keep your community captivated.

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About Us

Our social media marketing agency prides itself on our dynamic and tech-savvy team of digital marketers and online community managers. Our specific market expertise allows us to maximise the online engagement and conversion rates of our clients whilst delivering performance-based strategies, driven purely by results.

  • Why Consult With Us?

    To thrive in today’s market, mastering client services and strategy is essential which is why our community managers are at your disposal for intelligent and creative recommendations. We gather metrics, learnings and optimisation points from every step of your campaign.

  • close the gap

    We establish and maintain close relationships with each media platform in order to optimise every new update and initiative. These connections allow us to understand paid media better than anyone else, so we can develop an approach that makes the most out of every online social space.

  • Utilise your platforms

    Businesses and their consumers are now closer than ever which grants us the opportunity to analyse and better understand how our communities think. We believe these insights are the driving force behind outstanding results.

  • know your market

    We start with a top-to-bottom analysis of your social channels. Everything from how your competitors are doing to what your consumer’s desires. We identify areas of opportunity for your business to take a strategic advantage.

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